Buy Eco-Friendly Take-Out Supplies in Bulk to Save Time, Money, and the Planet

As we make our way into the new normal, it is clear that for a while restaurants’ capacities will be scaled down, and many restaurants will rely on take-out and delivery orders to sustain a respectable level of business. Whether or not take-out and delivery were part of a restaurant’s services before the pandemic, you can almost guarantee they are part of their offerings now. For restaurant owners and managers this has provided a new set of costs and challenges. One of the main challenges being cost effectively obtaining take out order supplies that align with the standards of the business.

Looking at a standard bar or restaurant’s take-out orders in the past, it was easily excusable to use non-sustainable materials. Prior to Covid-19 a restaurant’s non-recyclable take-out containers, cutlery, and bags did not draw much public attention, primarily because the volume was just not there. Now that take-out and delivery will be the standard eat-out options for Americans in the summer of 2020, you better believe that customer will start to take note of a restaurant’s carbon footprint. Whatever way you look at it, serving professionally prepared food out of disposable containers is not ideal. However, if a restaurant is willing to provide customers with more environment-friendly supplies it can go a long way.

One downside to going the extra environmental mile is cost. Sustainable supplies are often, if not always, more expensive than their non-recyclable counter parts. One potential solution to this problem is finding a distributor who offers a wide array of eco-friendly products and buying multiple products in bulk. By purchasing large quantities of several products, you can explore and take advantage of any quantity discounts the supplier may offer. Take this Eco-Friendly Restaurant Take-Out Supply Pack for example, it is a wide array of eco-friendly food service products that can be purchased together at a much lower cost than if you were to purchase each of the products individually.

With restaurants facing the future of fewer tables and more take-out, not only will their cost of supplies shift, but the supplies they use will have to shift as well. Restaurants will always do what is necessary accommodate the times, they do not have many other options; and with increasing take-out orders environmentally conscience customers are beginning to expect more eco-friendly supplies from their restaurants. Moving out of covid lockdown and into the new normal is the perfect time to re-evaluate your take-out and delivery order supplies.