Did the Shutdown Delay Your Spring Event? Take the Time to Reschedule and Rethink that Event!

One of the many upsetting parts of the recent pandemic is the cancellation of spring events. Not only the large events like baseball’s opening day or spring music festivals, but the smaller personal events as well. Weddings, anniversary celebrations, proms and potentially graduation parties are all being postponed, delayed, or cancelled across the nation and around the world. While we enter what hopes to be the final stages of this strange time, it is time to start rescheduling and re-imagining those events that have been pushed into the future by the pandemic.

There are two ways to looking at an event cancellation due to the recent viral crisis. The first, and the obvious, is disappointment and frustration. Depending on the event, it is likely you committed some serious time and planning into venues, invitations, and supplies that may now be going to waste.

The other way to look at the unexpected change of plans is as an opportunity to plan a comfortable event according to the new normal. You now have a chance to create one of first notable events post COVID-19; where people can enjoy the company of others, but can do so in an environment where their distancing and contamination concerns are properly addressed.

Let’s look at some event changes that will most likely make or break the re-imagining of your postponed spring events:

Location: It is a real let down to realize it is unlikely that guests will feel comfortable sharing space with the same amount of people as before. For indoor events, this may mean keeping the venue you’ve chosen but reducing the amount of guests invited. There are several solutions to this problem some more creative than others.

You can have the party/event outside. It seems safe to assume that once the stay at home orders are lifted fresh air venues will be the first to see large demand. Outdoor gatherings are often much easier to arrange as well. Get some disposable supplies and let nature handle the scenery.

Another more complicated solution would be to break the attendees into groups and welcome them at different times or dates. This allows you to celebrate with everyone, but at levels where everyone in attendance feels comfortable.


Food Service: For any event held at a restaurant or public venue, I am sure the staff is prepared to address food service concerns moving forward. However for those hosting at home or in their yard, it’s going to be important that we rethink the way food is handled.  The simple solution of having catering portions out, buffet style, may now make many guests uncomfortable.

This is an exciting opportunity to rethink the type of food you will serve and how you will serve it. For appetizers and desserts prepare single serving portions that can be picked up or served to guests individually. Use small disposable cups to make these individual serving options simple and appetizing from start to finish.

For entrees, you can continue by preparing disposable plates or containers labeled with the options you are providing. Be sure to have an abundance of disposable silverware to ensure all guests are rid of any concerns about contaminated forks, knives, or spoons.

While the rescheduling of events due to the recent pandemic is not ideal, it provides hosts with an exciting opportunity. Everyone is excited to get back out and socializing, so if done correctly, your post shutdown celebrations can make for a lasting memory.