Restaurant Staffing Needs Are Evolving to Accommodate the Uncertain Times

Unfortunately dining rooms across the country that were re-opened are now being closed again. Restaurants are struggling to stay in business. While trying to maintain a reasonable amount of income restaurateurs also have to manage their staff. A lot of restaurant workers have lost their jobs in the last 6 months, and for those who are still employed their jobs look a lot different. Lets explore the ways that restaurants are, and can, put their staff to best use during these uncertain times.

Cleaning Specialists:
With limited to no patrons dining on premises, the need for servers and custodians has been drastically reduced. The need for a cleanliness and sanitation, however, has been massively increased. Keeping a few servers on staff to take care of regular cleanings and preventative maintenance, not only keeps a few more people employed, but also keeps your managerial and senior staff free to focus on other tasks. The NYC restaurant chain "Just Salad" recently introduced the “cleaning captain” role to help combat the spread of COVID-19 as its locations begin to re-open. Introducing roles like this to your staff can help your other employees and customers feel more comfortable with spending time in your restaurant.


Beverage Managers:
Restaurants are now allowed to sell alcohol for to-go and delivery orders. Bars are being eliminated due to social distancing guidelines, and beverage managers are having to adapt quickly and creatively. Packaging their alcohol in packs more like a retail specialist, restaurant beverage managers have had to adapt drastically to what is sometimes referred to as the "new normal". Beverage managers have had to take on a lot of extra responsibility throughout the pandemic, creating themed beverage packages and sourcing materials for beverage delivery.


Re-purpose Employees as Affiliates:
Most of the people who have lost their job during this uncertain time have been young people.  Senior managers and employees might not always realize it, but they have a great marketing resource at their disposable in their young employees. Young people have a natural grasp on social media and its effects that older generations struggle to understand. If you are unloading young staff members from your team, give them opportunities to earn by creating a commission based affiliate program. A young high school or college student who is driven at work will only be more fueled if you educate and present them with an opportunity to take earnings into their own hands. If you take online orders on your website, set your servers up with an affiliate link or code then offer them a commission based off their referrals.



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