Restaurants Continue to Get Creative to Boost Business Through Difficult Times

The Father's Day Super Tray from San Pedro Fish Market was a successful idea to boost business on one of 2020's first summer holidays with restaurants open. 


In many parts of the country restaurants are now open for patrons to dine on location. In some states patrons are limited to outdoor seating only. For other states who can seat customers indoors, their capacity has been scaled down greatly. With unpredictable weather and little to no room inside, restaurateurs have had to continue to innovate to keep their businesses afloat.

With the full-on heat of the summer already underway in parts of the country, restaurants realize that drawing big crowds for outdoor seating will not last long if the humidity continues increasing. With this realization we are starting to see restaurants take a lot of interesting liberties with their offerings for both on location and to-go dining. 

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe in Nashville offered an awesome Father's Day bundle that included a 6 pack of domestic beer and a gift card

This past weekend many restaurants had created Father’s Day offerings that could serve as both a meal and a gift. Take for example Taziki’s Mediterranean Café which created a Father’s Day bundle that could be enjoyed for pick up or dine in. Not only did the bundle include a mixture of appetizers and sides that could feed four, it also included a 6-pack of domestic beer and $10 gift card to the restaurant. All of this was offered for just $50.

A preview of the 4th of July Picnic orders TooJay’s Deli, Bakery, and Restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL

Next weekend we will reach the largest summer holiday of the year, The 4th of July, and restaurants have already started holiday related offers to boost business for the holiday and make things simple for customers. TooJay’s Deli, Bakery, and Restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL is open to dine-in, but they are also offering their favorites boxed to-go for the perfect 4th of July picnic. Customers can pick from a wide selection of sandwiches, sides and desserts and pick their order up on the go via TooJay’s curbside.

Make sure ready for you customers' to go-orders and stock up on some great disposable supplies.

Those are just two great examples of how restaurants are innovating to accommodate the current environment. We are all in a bit of uncharted territory as we move out of COVID and we should remember that local restaurants need our support now more than ever. If there is a positive to take away from the COVID disruptions, it is that business are starting to offer a lot of cool and interesting new things that they may have not explored otherwise.