Save Your Time, Energy and Money: Buy Disposable Silverware and Other Materials in Bulk to Make Hosting a Cinch

So you are having a small get together this weekend, it is not going to be a massive affair, but you’ll be pretty much maxed out with your silverware, plates and glasses if all goes as planned. Let’s see if we cannot save some time, effort, and money by being a little bit smarter about prepping for this small get together. 

Think Ahead

Instead of buying just what you need, why don’t you stock up? Buying 200 disposable utensils, instead of just the 50 or so you need, is not a waste of money. Premium plastic cutlery is not going to go bad, it is not very difficult to store, and it does not have to only be used for hosting a special occasion. When your kids have their friends over, save your time and energy again and just use the extra disposable utensils. Who knows maybe having those extra disposable forks, knives, and cups in the cupboard is just what you need to reach out and invite an old friend over for dinner. 

Disposable and Single-Use are 2 Different Things

It is 2020 and we would be remiss to continue without addressing the environmental elephant in the room. So let's set one thing straight, we can use disposable products responsibly and it can be very cost effective to do so.

I recently invested in a pack of 100: 2oz. Plastic Shot Glasses. I certainly did not need 100 shot glasses. I was only having 8 people over for the Super bowl. I must have 80+ of these glasses remaining, and I’ve found I can use them for so many things.

  • I took a piece of tape and labeled a few of the shot glasses for dry ingredients that I use often when cooking. When starting to prep I parcel out the ingredients into the glasses and have them ready to go when I need them. Once finished I rinse the glasses out with some water and save them for next time.
  • I have one shot glass on my dresser that held ketchup during my Super bowl gathering, I washed it out and now I use it to catch anything I find in my pockets before doing laundry.
  • My neighbor likes to paint, I gave her 15+ glasses to use as painting supplies.

Just ‘Cause it’s Inexpensive Doesn’t Make it Cheap

We are enticed by words like savvy and efficient, but we scowl at the word cheap. The savings in buying quality disposable silverware and other hosting materials comes as a result of the bulk purchase, and the low price should not be seen as an indicator of subpar products whatsoever. Disposable silverware does not have to take away from the elegance or sophistication of an event. There are plenty of great disposable products out there that mirror the appearance and performance of real silverware and china. Many of these high-quality disposable products have become standards for catering events like weddings and awards ceremonies.


As we wrap up this discussion I would like to pose a question to everyone; when you are buying an outfit for a particular occasion are you only thinking about that specific occasion, or are you looking deeper into the outfit's potential uses and the investment you are about to make? Shouldn’t this be the kind of thought we put into a lot of our purchases?; Even if it is just for products as basic as disposable silverware and shot glasses. So as you are buying supplies to host this weekend, look beyond your event and make purchases that not only benefit your event, but that benefit yourself and your bank account as well.