Stock Up and Be Prepared for Virtual Tastings

With most of the country in quarantine, many breweries and wineries have been capitalizing on holding virtual tastings. These virtual tasting events can be as simple as a few links to recorded presentations that were made to accompany consumption. They can also be extremely involved. With live-guided tours of facilities and custom delivered samples and supplies. San Diego businesses have actually partnered to host a virtual Beer Festival on April 25th that will include interactive tasting activities and live music performances.  At any level, virtual tastings are a great way for small beverage businesses to connect with their customers, and put good use to inventory that may otherwise go unused.

Whether you are a business or patron participating in virtual tastings, you should be prepared for the occasion. If you are at home getting ready to participate in a virtual wine tasting with your family members, do what you can to make sure that the spirits you purchased do not go to waste. Use small disposable tasting cups or glasses for the initial sips. Those same supplies can go a long way for businesses as well. Including disposable glasses and cups in a virtual tasting supply package can make for a complete and convenient taster experience.

I think I can speak for most of us when saying I would much prefer an in-person tasting experience. But even after things are restored to normal, virtual tastings could remain a great option for businesses and patrons.  For those whose favorite whisky might be distilled half way around the world and for those whose health or physical conditions might prevent a trip to the vineyard, virtual tastings may continue to represent a great opportunity. Business are already finding great value in virtual tastings and if these remote experiences continue they can provide great benefits for the business and exciting new employment opportunities for virtual hosts and beverage experts.

During a time when most of us are searching for something new and exciting to do to keep us from going crazy, virtual tastings are providing an avenue into new experiences and new beverages. Expand your pallet and help small breweries, wineries and distilleries through a difficult by participating in a virtual tasting soon. Pick up some tasting cups and glasses and prepare to have some fun, while staying safe and well of course!