The Potential Benefits of Small Brands Hosting Tastings and Samplings

Some Companies like small breweries, distilleries, and sauce makers might only decide to hold tastings at special events like trade shows, festivals and farmer’s markets. If you are hosting a sampling or tasting in an environment like this, there is a wonderful opportunity to make a huge bang for your buck.

First it is important to properly prepare for the event. Invest in some small pieces of free merchandise (stickers, koozies, key chains), purchase quality disposable sampling supplies, and prepare a small amount of inventory to act as your samples. If these events are a regular activity for your business, consider customizing a table skirt with you brand logo. Events like trade shows and festivals bring out the most passionate customers and these customers are (now more than ever) an unbelievably great resource.

In the past businesses hoped that sampling their beer, wine, sauce, or food product would generate some word of month endorsement to span slightly beyond just those who attended. Now, if done correctly, we can count on a tasting or sampling to generate some serious publicity. Whether you’re at a trade show, a farmer’s market or a festival event you have the opportunity to build a social media connection with a customer, and this connection can go a long way. Unlike anytime in history, if you get a customer to follow, like, or subscribe to your brand the impact of your sampling can grow exponentially. Customers who are already loyal to your brand will sing the praises of the latest product. New customers will build the link between themselves and your business, and now each time you publish something on social media they will see it, if they like it, every one of their friends will see it. Having this connection with your customers is priceless, you can gauge exactly what your customers like by monitoring their reactions to new products and company posts. It’s a snowball effect that can generate a lot of great publicity and valuable information.

Because these events can have such a strong impact, it is crucial to put your best foot forward. Do everything you can to make your next tasting or sampling the best it can be. Make sure that your products are complimented with good products at every event. If your sampling liquids make sure the product is fresh and distributed in premium disposable cups. If your sampling food, ensure that the samples are displayed nicely and are enticing. Also, be sure to have the business social media account and website information visible in multiple locations to inform visitors of your active presence on those platforms. Do these things and you can expect a wealth of valuable information and publicity from your next sampling or tasting event.