Trying to Stay Entertained During a COVID-Altered Summer

Preparing for the first days of summer is a little different this year. As we are constantly being reminded not to rest on our laurels regarding COVID-19, we also are scrambling to salvage one of the most eventful times of the year. Even at the highest levels of organization guidelines remain inconsistent. The horses will run at Belmont this weekend, but without spectators. Golf’s US Open Championship, usually a Father’s Day staple, will now be played in the fall. The July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest will be held in an undisclosed location apart from its usual Coney Island setting. And who knows if there will be a 2020 baseball season. So, without some of these standard activities and events to keep us busy it is time to take matters into our own hands.

Let’s explore some options for enjoying an altered season of spectator-less events and social distancing:


Host on a Regular Basis: Backyard summer BBQ’s are nothing new, but with a lot less places to go this year, we might want to consider having more of them. I know personally for me, the lowest blow of all the COVID cancellations was the removal of anticipation. Not having that event to look forward to a week or two in advance was a hard thing to lose. By creating a schedule of events, either on your own or with your friends, you can create new things to look forward to. By doing this with groups you can split the costs by buying disposable supplies in bulk. Having plenty of cups, plates, and utensils ready can take some pressure off whoever's turn it is to host.


Explore Staycations:   We are always longing for vacations, but for most of us there is still a lot we have not seen in our own towns and cities. Utilize a weekend that you may have spent in a more populous place by visiting a park, beach, or trail that is local and that you have neglected to visit in the past.  Pack some food in containers and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner picnic style at your new favorite local destination.


Bring Your Favorites to You: Traveling will not be the same for quite a while, and for a lot of us it will be a long time before we comfortably get on an airplane again. However, with the continuing emergence of e-commerce, we now have the luxury of bringing some of our favorite destination delicacies to our own homes. With the help of technology and logistics you can now have Chicago pizza or Tennessee BBQ delivered to your door.

You can even turn this into a fun social opportunity. Order different spirits or beers from your favorite breweries/distilleries and host your friends and family to a fun tasting. Set up unmarked sample cups and make a game out of it, or just pour everyone a pint of what they like and enjoy.


As the world slowly returns to normal, it is time to use what little leeway we have been given and make the best of it. Now that you can see your friends again, make sure that you do it, even if it is not tailgating before an annual concert or baseball game. With warm weather and sun in store for months its time to look at the glass half-full and enjoy ourselves!

Happy Summer!