Why Cafeterias and Dining Halls Should Be Using Disposable Utensils

With restrictions beginning to lift, schools, community centers, retirement homes and many other operations are preparing for their first days of post pandemic lock down. Throughout the virus induced lock down, we have seen the adaptations wreak havoc on the food service industry. Restaurants have been left scrambling to try and make ends meet. Certain food production plants have shut down out of safety concerns. But what about those businesses, schools, and centers who must provide food service as a part of daily operations? How will they adapt to the new normal?

Places like school cafeterias, community centers, and assisted living facilities do not have as much flexibility to alter their service options as restaurants do. Their frequenters do not have other options, and they cannot decide how many people they will choose to feed on any given day. So, what will these places do to accommodate post corona virus expectations?

In attempt to not over generalize I am sure a lot of these places will make changes according to the uniqueness of their faculty, facility, and students/residents. However, there is one obvious adjustment that they should all be making and that is using disposable utensils.

While many may have resisted using disposable utensils in the past due to environmental concerns or cost effectiveness, this is a change they should be more willing to make moving forward. There are several reasons why disposable utensils can provide a more comfortable environment for students and residents. The most obvious reason of course is that the disposable utensils are coming right out of the packaging, and that can be a very comforting thought for those concerned of contagions. There are also countless the benefits that come from the simplicity of disposable utensils. Not only do staff members no longer have to clean those utensils, they also have more time to concentrate on the cleanliness of the rest of the facility.

We know that things are not going to just snap back to the way they were, so it is important to do what we can to make people feel as comfortable as possible as we make our way out of this stressful time. Using disposable utensils in cafeterias and dining halls is a small adjustment that can make those who are dining (and those who care for those who are dining) feel a little more at ease.

Plus, you can buy disposable utensils in all shapes, forms and colors. Minimize the environmental damage with compostable utensils. Want to step things up a notch? Get heavy weight silver disposable utensils for a special occasion.